Brittany My Life

10 février 2021
Brittany My Life

Daniel Cueff, who has been Mayor of the commune of Langouet in Brittany for 20 years, has recently become famous for his actions to protect the environment and to fight climate change. 

Daniel Cueff made a sensational move when as Mayor of Langoet he decided to forbid the spraying of pesticides within 150 metres from any residential property in his commune.  His action created a media buzz and influenced other French mayors who then implement the same measures. 

Though Daniel Cueff’s decision has recently been overturned by the French courts taking the side of the French Government, his actions have attracted the attention of journalists and a large number of people in Brittany and elsewhere in France. With Mayors of other communes having gone down the same route, this has forced the pesticide issue onto the public agenda. 

Daniel Cueff is now running for the next Regional elections in Brittany scheduled for June 2021. 

He presents himself as a neutral cross-party candidate. His list called “ Bretagne – Ma Vie” 

stands for Brittany, regionalism and for those who are concerned about work and life in Brittany. 

He favours a realistic and pragmatical approach: 

“Pesticides are a health issue for farmers, for all human beings, for biodiversity. Changing the ways of agriculture will only be possible in agreement with the farmers. It will happen together with them, not against them. We must convince farmers that there are other ways to produce.” 

Bretagne Ma Vie” / Brittany – My Life wants to share and exchange experiences with the world 

As our daily individual actions have a direct impact on our planet and we are all interconnected, environmental issues in Brittany are everyone’s concern, whether you’re living in Scotland, Canada, California, Australia or anywhere else in the world. 

Brittany has always been a country open to the world, sharing values with other cultures. As the environmental crisis is worsening, we need to help each other even more and share our understanding of and our concerns with our environment.

What the citizen initiative “ Bretagne – Ma vie “ plans to realise in Brittany will have an impact not only on Brittany’s 4.8 million inhabitants, but further afield across Europe and the world. 

Protection of the Environment is at the heart of our project. Our aim is to work to make all of Brittany an exemplary region with regards to the environment, real development of alternative energy, quality of food and local trade. 

Pollution is frighteningly widespread. Biodiversity is threatened. As the the sea level rises, erosion is affecting Brittany’s 2700 kms of coastline.

With our citizen initiative Bretagne – Ma Vie, we want to discuss, collaborate, speak to you and act on all these vital issues. 

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Accord programmatique

Les Bretonnes et les Bretons qui sont allés voter dimanche ont validé le projet proposé par Loïg Chesnais-Girard et ont aussi exprimé leur volonté de voir l’écologie issue d’une dynamique citoyenne prendre une place plus importante.

Loïg Chesnais–Girard pour la liste La Bretagne avec Loïg et Daniel Cueff pour la liste Bretagne ma vie ont élaboré un accord qui s’appuie sur des dynamiques communes qui enrichissent le projet initial.

Cet accord concerne les apports spécifiques de Bretagne ma vie :

  • Un plan de refus de la misère et la précarité.
  • Une alimentation durable pour les lycées.
  • Une politique de santé et de sécurité sanitaire.
  • Un « Plan Marshall des langues ».
  • Une politique maritime globale.
  • Une accélération de la recherche de solutions avec les agriculteurs.
  • Un plan « abeilles ».
  • Une politique massive de rénovation thermique de l’habitat breton.
  • Un office foncier régional solidaire.
  • Création d’un indicateur économique alternatif au PIB.
  • Un plan mobilité global.
  • Une Chambre citoyenne régionale.

Daniel Cueff 

Loïg Chesnais Girard